My name is Hanad and I’m a DC based photographer.

Where does my name come from? I’m glad you asked. I was born in Mogadishu to Somalia parents. I grew up in Ethiopia but spent most of my life in the US. I’m a typical “third culture kid” who blended all of childhood cultural influences to create my own thing.

I got introduced to this thing called photography from my dad. He would take out his Canon Ft-b and ask my brothers and I to pose, snap a frame, and then take another one when we thought it was over and started playing with each other.

I took my love of communication through images into career in advertising and marketing. After years in that world, a several cameras later, I decided to go back to “my roots” and focus on photography. Specifically fitness and lifestyle.

In my down time, I practice brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai.

But enough about me. Tell me more about you.